For graphic papers.

Modern rewinders and fast-running printing machines place high requirements on the paper cores when printing newspapers. Together with you, we therefore developed our paper cores of the series GP Premium®. They are impressive thanks to the particular strength, precise dimensions and good characteristics of concentric rotation. For newspaper printing, you receive our series GP Premium® paper cores in the following qualities:

GP Premium® 2.00 – 3.99

    Your benefits:
  • Particular strengths
  • Precise dimensions

For packaging papers.

Depending on the rolled materials, we supply you with our paper cores for packaging papers in custom-made qualities and dimensions. With our paper cores, you are making the right choice – whether for fine papers, kraft papers, folding box boards or packaging papers.

    Your benefits:
  • Custom-made qualities
  • Individual dimensions

For containerboard

Whether wider paper rolls, higher roll diameters, light-weight papers or longer running times for the paper rolls in the corrugator: For problem-free and smooth use of your paper rolls on corrugators, rely on our paper cores for containerboard. They guarantee problem-free and secure use.

GP Premium® 2.00 – 3.99

    Your benefits:
  • Optimal run in your winders
  • Problem-free and safe use of paper rolls in corrugators
  • Withstands extreme strains

For technical papers.

When developing our paper cores, we act entirely upon your requirements. Of course, this also applies to our paper cores for technical papers – from filter and electrical insulation papers to abrasive and décor papers. Best example: Our D series paper cores are specially developed for décor papers.

    Your benefits:
  • Perfect interaction of paper core quality and processing environment

For special papers

Whether label, parchment or cigarette papers: We have the suitable paper cores for your individual requirements.

GP Premium® 2.00 – 3.99

    Your benefits:
  • Special paper cores for special papers
  • Individual advice and production according to your needs