Axially notched paper cores

Do you want to wind up think materials? Then these paper cores are right for you. They have a milling groove across the entire length of the paper core and are therefore particularly suitable for winding thick materials such as flooring, because they prevent ugly markings on the rolled materials. This special type is available both for spirally and convolute wound cores from a paper core outer diameter of 90 mm.

    Your benefits:
  • Markings on the rolled materials are prevented

Adhesive tape rings

Are you looking for the suitable paper core for your adhesive tape? We supply you with adhesive tape rings in all standard dimensions. In addition, you can choose between special surfaces such as cellophane, silicone or even release coated surfaces. The following applies to all adhesive tape rings: Upon request, we print the inner ply with your logo or lettering for publicity effect.

    Your benefits:
  • Publicity effect
  • Free selection of the surfaces

Support cores

For additional reinforcement of your packaging, rely on our support cores. They ensure even greater product protection. Stabilise your packaging units from the inside with our convolute wound cores. Simply tell us the length of your packaging and we will supply you.

    Your benefits:
  • An advantage in storage and transport security
  • Increased stackability for your packaging
  • Excellent crush resistance