Convolute wound core for wrinkle-free transport

Do you want paper cores that facilitate the optimal winding process? Then rely on our convolute wound cores. Whether with wound-on or glued flaps, but also with double sided tape: With our convolute wound cores, fast and wrinkle-free start-up winding is possible. At the same time, all our convolute wound cores ensure that your goods arrive wrinkle-free at their destination.

    Available dimensions:
  • Diameter: from 25 to 121 mm
  • Lengths: from 750 to 2,150 mm
    Your benefits:
  • Fast and wrinkle-free start-up winding
  • Wrinkle-free transport

Spirally wound cores for extra-wide textiles

Whether extra-wide non-wovens or geo-textiles: With our spirally wound cores, you will achieve problem-free winding. Our spirally wound cores offer excellent characteristics of concentric rotation.

    Available dimensions:
  • Our spirally wound cores are available in any length and with every desired inner diameter
    Your benefits:
  • Ideal for textiles and non-wovens